For she, is the best planet of the galaxy.
—Poster quote.
Katelyn and her Draw World
Katelyn and her Draw World poster


G. Hannelius
Cameron Palatas

Release date

October 16, 2015


Taylor Wester High: Anothers Graduated

"Katelyn and her Draw World" is the first M.A.P. Original Movie written by Nestor Castillo. It stars G. Hannelius and Cameron Palatas. It's premieres on October 16, 2015.


Katelyn, a mistress of the drawing, decides to draw his perfect world called "Sand Out-Vill". This is a green planet in another galaxy, which is ruled by the Prince Wes and the "Princess Katelyn". Overnight, Katelyn gets on a spaceship which leads to "Stand Out-Vill". There he meets the Prince Wes with which spends a whole day of fun. Prince Wes gets a call from Scissven a scissor/raven alien who has kidnapped the kings in the forest. After rescue, Wes and Katelyn are declared King and Queen of "Stand Out-Vill". In the end, Katelyn tells her trip to her mother, the laughs and get a turquoise glint in his eye.



  • Leigh-Allyn Baker as Stewardess
  • Jim Parsons as Cook Dooks
  • Jim Parsons as Sneep, the Cook Dook
  • Erin Fitzgerald as Scissven


Katelyn, a mistress of the drawing:
Katelyn - I'm drawing a world where everything is perfect for me. Stars, planets, spaceships, aliens, and a perfect boy.
Wes, a prince and the Katelyn's perfect boy:
Prince Wes - I am the Prince Wes.
A planet green, a prince, and a princess:
Sneep - I will see here the Princess Katelyn.
Katelyn - ... The Cook Dooks, and the fact that I'm the princess.
G. Hannelius and Cameron Palatas in the new M.A.P. original movie:
Katelyn - There was plenty of "bas, and bes, and bis".
Mom - Haha.
Katelyn and her Draw World, coming soon, on M.A.P.



  • Is the first M.A.P. Original Movie.
  • The production are started December 14 and ended December 15, 2014.
  • The trailer for this movie is short.
  • "Stand Out-Vill" title, make reference to the Sabrina Carpenter's song "Stand Out".
  • It's the first M.A.P. production were some characters name are translated.
  • The premiere night, was featured the movie and a new episode from Kendall: Love To A Guy and Austin: Sexy, Popular, ¿Gay?.
Katelyn and her Draw World
Katelyn and her Draw World poster

Quote: "For she, is the best planet of the galaxy"

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